Friday, February 17, 2012

25 weeks pregnant!

Yaay, I am 25 weeks pregnant, actually going on 26, I'm just a little late posting this. I always wanted to track my pregnancy journey and I thought a blog would be great. 

Sorry for the horrible pictures, I am trying to figure out how to download pictures from my digital camera. I am using my cell phone camera at the moment. 


  1. With a comment as delightful as that, how could I not follow you! I wish that I had been blogging while I was pregnant with either one of mine. You forget all of the sweet memories and feelings while you are pregnant. I had rough pregnancies, so mine would be more about how not to throw up 14 times a day. I envy those women that have great and easy pregnancies. When I was 25 weeks I had people asking if I was going to pop any day now. You look great! I will take a little look around and check back on my blog as I am taking a sewing class and I might do some tutorials on some of the basics. Thank you for stopping by!


  2. That would be great for you to do tutorial! You can make patterns and sell them on Etsy also. I would love to take a sewing class but they are all so far and I don't work so I don't really have the money. The internet and all these wonderful blogs are my teachers and I hope to make some great friends along the way. Thank you soo much for checking out my blog and don't give up on your blog!!